Genius Ways To Utilize The Space Under Your Bed

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Feel headache when seeing all the stuff on the floor, or everywhere of your bedroom. Wanted to solve this problem but unwilling to throw away all of those stuff? Well, there is an awesome space that can put all of those stuff without making your bedroom cramped, which is you’re under bed. Here are 10 genius way to utilize the space under your bed.

1. Use a basket to hold everyday stuff

Use can buy some basket at the market, and place all the everyday stuff such as newspapers, magazines, books or etc into it. Then push it under your bed. Look, your bedroom is becomes tidy and spacious!

2. Bump Up your bed

If you bedstead is directly on the floor or its very low and there is no space to apply this method. Well, you can bump up your bedstead by install the “legs” under your bedstead to let it stand up and create more space to place your stuff.


3. Bedside storage

If you think that method #2 is quite difficult to do, you can opt for buying bedside storage. It can only hold the lightweight stuff and can’t hold too many stuff in one storage.

4. Use the zipper storage bin

If you want to keep your personal belongings stuff like clothes, underwear or bras under your bed. It is advisable to use the zipper storage bin or any storage bin that have the cover to avoid the dust.

5. Photo storage carrier

Buy a photo storage carrier to protect your print-worthy pictures from damaging dust and moisture. Do search online which storage bin is suitable to keep the pictures with not affect its quality after few years. It’s your precious memories, you have to find ways to keep it in good condition.

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