10 decors that easily elevate your rented space

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When renting a space, we are bound by the rules our landlord has set. We might not be able to paint the walls or fix built-in cabinets, and understandably so. That said, while we as renters cannot do as we please, we can always personalise your living environment with easy, non-committal fixtures. The trick is to utilise decors that elevate your rented space without causing permanent change to it. The best thing about them? You can easily take them with you once it’s time to move out and move on later.


Metallic decors, whether in gold, copper, or brass, instantly add appeal to your space.

If there’s one thing that could instantly glamourise a space, it’s metallic furnishings and decors. Whether in gold, copper, or brass, they take a room from drab to fab. With their rustic sheen, metallic pieces are bold statements on their own. So be sure not to overdo them by keeping their numbers limited in a given room.


Mixing your beddings is a fun way to enliven your bedroom.

Nothing makes your home life more interesting than an eye-pleasing rest in bed. A good way to keep things interesting is to mix the colours and textures of your beddings. There’s no rule that says everything has to be matchy-matchy in the bedroom, so have fun exploring themes and palettes. The visual complements that mixed beddings provide are a good way to enjoy the unchangeable colour of your bedroom walls.


Who knew hats and clothing accessories can double up as home decors?

Instead of letting coat hangers take up space, why not hang your hats and other accessories on the wall? They make a great statement that informs your guests of your humour and zest for life. Also, doubling your clothing pieces as home decors is a beautiful way to save space. Think about the unused corners you could maximise with this idea!


House your indoor plants in pots in beautiful modern designs.

If you’re a fan of keeping plants in the house, why not go above and beyond with beautiful, out-of-the-norm potting for them? While we are in love with the minimalist weave basket pictured above, you can always opt for more colourful options, such as these terracotta pots mused about on Brit + Co. Beautiful plant pots are one of the easiest decors that elevate your rented space instantly.


Playing with lines and proportions is a good way to artistically refresh your perception of space.

Playing with lines and proportions is a good way to artistically refresh your perception of space.

Lines and proportions are a good way to refresh your spatial understanding. Treat your possessions as if they are actual artworks. Find new and creative ways to reuse them. Let that striped vase of yours (like the one pictured above) to double as a coffee table centrepiece. Better yet, position a strikingly coloured chair in an unmissable corner. There’s no better way to repurpose unused spaces than this approach!


Good lighting is a must for ambience, even in a rented home.

A good lighting system ensures a good atmosphere in your sanctuary. In a city where fluorescent lights are a default option, beautiful lamps emitting soft incandescence are always a great alternative. The best ones come with a dimming option, which lets you control the degree of lighting you want for your home.


Display your knick-knacks on your wall to save space and inspire conversations.

Much like the concept of the hanged hats earlier, you can use your walls to organise miscellaneous items and knick-knacks. We think wire wall organisers are always the best bet not only to group things together and but to let them hang for display.


Chairs designed to appeal immediately transform a given perimeter.

Gone are the days of rigid wooden stools! Tracing their four-legged origins in ancient Egyptian times, the chair has seen countless updates over the years that redefine its function. Today, there are many designs and shapes that not only let you sit down comfortably but also inspire your home life with its elegant aesthetics. Think sculptures that you can sit on!


Decorate your study or home office with illustrative mood boards.

What’s a beautiful home without some mood boards to provoke thoughts and suspend otherwise fleeting inspirations? A board with visual memorabilia is always great to inspire a study or a meditative corner hosting your intellectual pursuits, ambitious tasks and mindful activities.


Live a mindful life with a beautifully designed mobile closet.


source &  credit : http://blog.bumbung.co

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