INFO : Basic maintenance tools you really, really need in your home

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Like many things in life, a busted faucet and a flickering light are common home fixture malfunctions that cannot be fixed with a magic wand.

The struggle is real. Particularly so for new homeowners who understand the importance of regular and ad-hoc maintenance, but aren’t quite sure how to go about compiling their first serious toolkit, or where best to invest in quality items.

Read on for some basic handy tools that we guarantee you’ll be reaching out for over and over again.


A claw headed hammer is perfect for, of course, hammering things home. But they’re also great for pulling up nails and prying things apart. You’ll need it to hang pictures, assemble furniture, rip out nails and more!


Who doesn’t love a good, handy bucket? A 5-gallon bucket is a must-have for any home-cleaning endeavour that requires liquid, like mopping.

Step ladder

A 6-foot step-ladder is perfect for climbing up to those [hard to reach places, which you’d need to get to for cleaning] (link to ‘6 Spots You’ve Probably Missed When Cleaning Your Home’ article) and to access your secret hideout.

Spirit level

Ideal for hanging up art, planning where to drill holes, drawing lines, and basically any instance when you need to determine a straight line that is parallel to the floor.

Measuring tape

Opt for the 25 footer with 1-inch wide tape. You want it to be rigid enough so that you can extend the hook without needing someone on the other end.

It’s perfect for measuring up a stretch of wall and rearranging furniture.


To save space, we recommend investing in multi-bit screwdrivers with magnetised, switchable heads.

Ensure your collection includes a Phillips screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver. Quality is key here – a blunt tool will struggle to drive and loosen screws.


You’d do well to have a couple of variations of different pliers in your toolbox. Locking pliers are extremely versatile, whilst needle-nose pliers are ideal for working with wire. Pliers are great for any task that requires extra grip.

Adjustable spanner

A must-have tool for removing nuts and bolts, working with plumbing, or simply helping to turn those tough screwdrivers that final inch. Find yourself an adjustable wrench with jaws that open to about 1-1/8 inch.

Selection of nails and screws

It pays to have a selection of different nails and screws at hand for emergency furniture and appliance fix-ups.

Safety equipment

Often overlooked, but very important. Gloves and eye goggles keep your peepers and hands safe while you’re busy fixing things.

Cordless drill and drill-bit kit

A cordless drill gives you fantastic freedom to move around the home to assemble furniture, hang up pictures, and basically drill holes wherever you fancy.

Utility knife

The jack-of-all-trades of blades. The utility knife is an indispensable tool to perform odd jobs that require cutting – from cutting drywall and exposing nail heads, to scratching out old grout. Just be sure to replace the blade regularly.

Flat scraper or putty knife

Last but not least – the humble putty knife. This is the perfect tool for any job that requires spreading surfaces or applying even pressure – from scraping paint off windows to applying wall filler.


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