INFO : Corner lot, End lot or Intermediate lot – Which Sub types should you choose?

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These sub type terms are interchangeably used within Malaysia’s property talks whether you are inquiring from a developer or dealing with an agent or speaking with friends on a specific property type. It’s important to know the difference between them and critically evaluate the use of each one of them.


botanika corner lot

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As the name suggests, corner lots are properties located at the corner of the row with additional land or large gardens next to them.

If you love spending time outdoors in the garden or hosting barbeque parties, the corner lot is for you. It is important to really consider what you plan to use the additional land for. If you love gardening, it is certainly a yes, but if you don’t it could mean higher maintenance and more work. Have you seen those corner lots with uncut grass with weeds growing everywhere?

You don’t want your house to end up like that.

Due to the benefit of additional land, corner lots have a higher price point compared to the other sub types.

If you are a concerned with the exposure to sunlight, a corner unit might be ideal choice, after considering the direction of the sun and the placement of the house.

One trait of owning a corner terrace house, it’s the availability of land for expansion. If your corner unit is next to a road, you are allowed to extend your building up to the boundary of your external wall. This gives more flexibility to home owners looking to upgrade and renovate their house.


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End lots are properties that are similarly designed and located at the end of the housing row.

Depending on the development and design, end lots have additional windows on the side of the house, allowing more light to shine through and keeping the house ventilated and bright. Pricing wise, end lots can command a premium over the usual intermediate lots.

One of the factors that deter people from purchasing an end lot is the perception that and lots are the first and the easiest units for thieves to break into.

This is mainly because some end units are located next to a walkway or wall that allows ease of access and a quick getaway.

Some walls located next to end units are densely covered with trees and shrubs giving robbers an edge to climb on and ease to avoid detection in the dark.

Given that end lots are located next to a motorway or pedestrian walkway, there is no surprise that these units have a higher probability for peeping and glancing. End lots are commonly known to be less privacy friendly in comparison to other units.


intermediate terrace house(image source)

Intermediate Lots more commonly known as semi-d’s are houses that are built in between other houses.Intermediate units are more commonly traded in the property market given its supply volume.

The advantage of this is the number of ready buyers looking for an intermediate unit therefore you will have less of a hassle finding a buyer in contrast to selling a corner unit.

It’s good to know that the capital appreciation for intermediate lots tend to appreciate faster than other sub types.

The tendency to match your valuation figures given by your valuer is more likely with the sheer number of similar transacted comparable in the area. This means that your valuated price will be less likely to be perceived inaccurately in the eyes of a buyer.

It can be argued by some parties perceive semi-d’s to be of a higher property class and corner lots to be reserved for kindergarten playhouses.

Frankly, it all comes down to your motive and plan for the particular property. Some people love the extra land that comes with corner lots while others perceive semi-d’s to be better despite the smaller land size. Some people tend to favour end lots with less traffic noise. It’s important to consider the sub type of the property you’re interested in but it’s even more important to take into consideration the location.

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